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   Hi Carolyn *waves*I had a blast writing Chantilly's Cowboy. I was able to put a lot of my style of living into the storyline, since I'm just a country gal at heart. Thanks for having me here, David! *mwah*
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   I agree. It really adds to the whole Whedon cult thing, too. Once he finds an actor/writer/directer/etc he likes, the fandom sort of latches on to them ,too. I started watching Lost because of David Fury, BSG and Warehouse 13 because of Jane Espenson, Castle because of Nathan Fillion, and countless other shows simply because they had a Whedon alum
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   So I went to New Orleans a few days ago, with a friend who needed to do some research for a book. I won&rsquo;t lie&mdash;90% of the trip was spent lounging around the French Quarter eating beignet&#8230;&nbsp;
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   The only ting better than burning up other people&#39;s ammo? Watching people who are better than me shoot. The NRA Bianchi Cup just took place about 20 minutes from my house :D
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   Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)
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   An extra 30,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space in the Dickson area would be incredible. This is the kind of project Dickson needs along with the parking deck, and more apartments within walking distance of everything. We don&#8217;t need a giant, generic parking structure which adds nothing to the streetscape and sits mostly empty.
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   I LOVE THIS POST!!!!! thanks Lisa.It is one of my &#8220;hot buttons&#8221;&#8230; on that note, here is a good quote, not sure if it is John wooden, but whatever: &#8220;The harder I work, the luckier I get.&#8221; monique (AKA: MdM)
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   Is using an asthma inhaler not prescribed to you illegal?I was just messing around at my friends house who has asthma and i saw his inhaler, and just as a joke, I used it and was pretending I was Jay-Z, blowing out his smoke in a music video or something like that. I was not trying to get high or do any of that cause that just would not make sense.But now that I am wanting to apply to be a police officer, one of the questions is that if you have ever used anybody else&#8217;s prescriptionsso i was just wondering if that would automatically DQ me?
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   week&#8217;s Mullooly Asset Management podcast focuses on the New York State Deferred Compensation plan. Tom Mullooly manages investments for over 300 different individuals who are participants in the
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   BS low - rationality high! Really good answer!
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   Back in school, I'm doing so much learning.
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   This "free sharing" of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.
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   I don&#8217;t think it was too whiney, and I can understand your frustration! It sounds like that guy was just talking out of his ass, probably because he&#8217;s intimidated by your obvious talent and intelligence. I can&#8217;t understand what the big deal is either, because it&#8217;s so easy to just buy the collected graphic novels if you want to read ADS, or read it for FREE here! -sigh- What a jerk.
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   Wow. Picked a rotten week to start to catch up. Hope everything is better for this podcast and everyone has taken a turn for the better. Of course, we may not get to this podcast because the world ended this morning. Merry happy Christmahannukwanzakah to one and all.
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   Norm piles on with the clueless analysis. Billy Mac asked him what was the biggest flaw in the Lakers&#8217; game tonight, and he replied that Andrew still hasn&#8217;t gotten going. Um, that was not the problem tonight.
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   Thanks for introducing a little rationality into this debate.
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   AMAZING work David, thank you so much for this treat. You did a wonderful job and I loved loved loved seeing these. Oh and the slideshow-WOW! Thanks again!
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   Fantastic, it&#8217;s so nice to see a poster where everyone has real-life expressions instead of the usual Determined Stare/Vacant Smile. Great face on George Clooney.
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   Lorraine SchneiterOne person&#8217;s spring is another person&#8217;s dangerous revolt &#8211; should we support our own home grown &#8216;springs&#8217; or would that be deemed interference/subversion? &#8211; I would like to support some of the &#8216;indignados&#8217; movements&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.which are protesting the gross mismanagement/lack of transparency/ lack of democratic process in our own back yard. Would Mr Davis agree?(Comment via Facebook) &nbsp;
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   Spencer is really growing into a handsome man. How old is now? I&#39;ll tell ya I love the giant lap dogs. I have a picture somewhere of my 123lb Bullmastiff lounging on my lap. There&#39;s no getting up when that happens! He and Georgie are so adorable!
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   Anon 5:24, comrade, you don't get it do you? This proposed law applies to people carrying weapons on their own land. It's a two-fer with the state trying to abrogate both property rights and the 2nd Amendment. Damn, these Bolsheviks have some stones! Somebody needs to check if Rep. Senima was once on the East German Olympic swim team.
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   , The Faerie Queene isn&#8217;t much fun if you don&#8217;t have the tools to read it (and I don&#8217;t have the tools). I don&#8217;t have a problem with liking bad art or not liking good art; I do think there is some value in knowing the difference and I think critics play a valuable roll in helping people encounter something likeable.
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   DelacratThe problem is always identifying the 1%. Ironically, we can&#39;t stop and search Muslims at airports even though only Muslims bombed us on 9/11, because that would be discrimination and over-reaction based on the actions of a tiny minority of people . . .. . . while at the same time it is acceptable to lump pretty much all gun owners in the same category and discriminate there . . .
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   As salamou aleykoum wa rahmatou Allahi wa barakatouh !! akhi je voudrais savoir quels sont les documents qu&#39;il faut traduire en arabe ? (est-ce que la photocopie du passport et de la carte d&#39;identit??© doivent aussi etre traduit ? ) baraka Allahou fik
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   I went to Sleepy Hollow the weekend before you&#8230;.I was kind of disappointed. It all seemed a little cheesy to me. I wanted to see legit scary shit but I don&#8217;t think I did. We didn&#8217;t get to go into the cemetary though (it was after visiting hours) so maybe that would have changed my mind.We did get to have dinner at my favorite spot in Tarrytown though, Horsefeathers. So it wasn&#8217;t a lost cause.
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